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Trade and US Customs Compliance Services

We have compliance professionals, licensed customs brokers, and industry practitioners that can help you improve or develop your Importer compliance.  We offer key services to strengthen trade compliance thru webinars and workshops.   We can help you with our bonded facilities, broker management, and/or your CTPAT certification. 

Trade Compliance
  • Antidumping and Countervailing Duty (AD/CVD) Analysis, Scope Review, & Determination

  • Country of Origin

  • Valuation

  • Free Trade Agreement, Training, Audits, Review, and/or Determination

 CBP, Bonds, & ACE
  • Customs Bonds, Applications, Review, & Sufficiency

  • ACE Portal Training, Reports, Maintenance, & Updates

  • Drawbacks

  • Marking, Notice to Mark, Re-Delivery

  • Bonded Warehouses, CFS, and FTZ Audits

  • CBP Liquidated Damages

  • Protests

Importer Services
  • HTS Classification, Binding Rulings

  • Development of Parts Catalog

  • Broker Management

  • Customs Bonds, Bond Sufficiency Analysis

  • Imports 101 Training

  • Importer Compliance Audits

  • Pre-entry Audits

  • Regulatory Entry Audits

  • Risk Assessments Analysis

  • CTPAT Training, Audits, Risk Assessments, and Applications

  • Bond Warehosue and FTZ Applications,

  • Audits, and/or Procedural Training

  • Importer Compliance Program, (Complete

  • Importer Compliance Solution) 

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