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3PL Auditing & Management

Icon OEM  Engineers use leading practices to determine and align production capabilities based on delivery, quantity, and quality.  Evaluation criteria will be scored and reported to allow for informed decision-making on value; the balance of cost, quantity, and quality.

  • Food Grade Permits and Audits

  • Bonded Warehouse Applications & Audits

  • FTZ Applications & Audits

  • OSHA Safety and Regulatory Compliance Assessments

  • CTPAT Security Assessments

  • Safety & Security Courses

  • Vendor Validation and Audit

Measured Performance
  • ISO Training, Gap Analysis, and Audits 

  • Procedural Development & Control

  • Lean Six Sigma 

  • Inspections, Accident Reports, & Training

  • Material Handling and Equipment Efficiencies

  • Quarantine & Non-Conformance Process

  • KPI Development & Benchmarking

  • Space Utilization Management

  • Material Flow Management 

  • Risk Management 

  • Inventory Turnover

  • Customer Contract Review, Assessment, & Risk Analysis

Best Practices
  • Review of SKU Velocity 

  • Store Products In Bins and Totes

  • Pick and Pack Strategies

  • Order Fulfillment with Parallel Picking

  • Labor Management 

  • Prioritize Orders with Wave Picking

  • Returns Handling Processes 

  • Keep Workspaces Clean 

  • Training Certifications

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